Shailene Woodley Says She’s Homeless, Only Has Enough Possessions to Fit in Suitcase

Shailene Woodley is what would happen if Natalie Portman’s Garden State character wasn’t just a figment of Zach Braff’s imagination. She is a combination of uber-hippie and manic pixie dream girl; or, as your mother would say if you brought her home, she’s “… interesting.”

On Kimmel last night, the Fault in Our Stars actress explained that she’s pared down her possessions to just a few items that would all fit in a carry-on suitcase. (Weed stash not included.) She also said she’s currently “homeless,” and that whenever she’s in L.A. she couch surfs at friends’ places. If you’ve followed her Twitter account, this is somewhat believable. Sample Tweet: “so much medicine on this mornings walk. #roses #fruitingfigtrees #puppysongs #bees #sunshine.”

Can you imagine a first date with Woodley? You’d have to start with an appetizer of clay, then move onto the main course—weeds you picked on the way to work that morning. Conversation would revolve around the magic of anthills. Primal screaming at the moon would cap the night off. It’d make for quite a story, at least.

[H/T: Gawker]