Shaq Crushes ‘My Prerogative’ By Bobby Brown In A Lip Sync Battle Against Jimmy Fallon

by 2 years ago

Jimmy Fallon is filming his show this week from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. He’s hyping up the launch of his new Fallon themed simulator at Universal Studios, and Jimmy is bringing in heavy hitters as guests all week long.

Shaq is one of the most beloved men to step foot in the city of Orlando thanks to his early days with the Orlando Magic, so he was a perfect fit for Jimmy to bring in and delight the hometown crowd. Shaq’s also a showman by trade. He knows how to work a crowd. So he was the ideal candidate for one of Jimmy’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’ contests.

Knowing that he needed to elevate his game against Jimmy Fallon, a seasoned Lip Sync Battle veteran, Shaq enlisted the assistance of Mr. Worldwide to take the stage with him. To be honest, anytime I see Pit Bull on TV it’s an immediate loss of points for whatever program I’m watching. As much as I hate giving the win to Jimmy Fallon here, I can’t in good conscience call Shaq the winner when he brought out Pit Bull.

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