The New ‘Sharknado 2’ Trailer Not Only Has Sharks, But Also Flying Chainsaws And A Used-Up Looking Tara Reid

by 4 years ago

sharknado 2

Was the first Sharknado amazing? Yes. Will the second one be amazing as well? No. It’s going to FUCK YOU UP. It’s going to literally jump through your television screen, punch you in the face and then set a land-shark loose in your living room. Flying chainsaws? Busted-ass Tara Reid delivering lines like she’s being held at gunpoint? This thing has all the makings of an Oscar winner and then some. If you don’t believe me, then I don’t care because deep down you know I’m right and you’re just lying to yourself, and if you’ve yet to be convinced check out the trailer below:

[H/T Uproxx]

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