Why Does Shia LaBeouf Look Like He Has A Dead Animal On His Head?

Shia LaBeouf, obviously one of our favorite dudes on this planet, showed up to the Tribeca Film Festival Thursday night for the premiere of the documentary Love True, looking like an rabid animal crawled on top of his head and died, tail and all.

Embed from Getty Images

The Big Lead’s Mike Cardillo compared Shia LaBeouf’s look to 80s Italian soccer star Roberto Baggio, aka Il Divin Codino — the Divine Ponytail.

Pete Blackburn of Uproxx said Shia managed to “turn Davy Crockett’s hat into a real haircut.”

I just think it might be the haircut Shia got before he traveled back in time from some future world he was recently visiting. Because you know Shia isn’t really from Earth, right?

And at least he wasn’t wearing a paper bag over his head this time so it’s a hugely marked improvement for LaBeouf when it comes to making public appearances.

Of course, LaBeouf couldn’t just show up to the festival with a dead possum on his head, he also, according to Deadline, he “railed against Hollywood, Transformers, and Al Pacino’s acting, while knocking his former Transformers co-star Bumblebee.”

Did we mention Shia LaBeouf is one of our favorite dudes on this planet?