These Bros Getting A Sexy Lap Dance Are In For The Shock Of Their Lives

This hilarious hidden camera prank was set up by the makers of the new zombie flick Scouts Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse and it’s both frightening and ridiculously hilarious.

Imagine you’re at a strip club, this fine honey is lap dancing and butt-grinding all up on you, and then out of nowhere THIS happens. Normally guys have to worry about leaving a strip club with a stain on the front of their pants. This might be the only time guys left a club with a stain on the back.

Besides scaring the crap out of unsuspecting bros just trying to spend a couple dollars, the people behind Scouts Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse are doing something even better (and less pant-wettingly scary) by hosting exclusive pre-opening movie screening events at participating AMC Theatres on Wednesday, October 28 at 7:00 p.m. DJ Dillon Francis, who appears in the film, will spin new tracks and show scenes from upcoming film. For a list of participating theaters, check here.

This movie is sure to change the zombie movie game forever. Just look at how much it’s changed the way you think about strip clubs. You’ll never get another private lap dance again without looking over your shoulder.