Creator of ‘The Simpsons’ Say Show Should End

In a television interview with KBBL-TV, published on Codewit World News, Groening admitted that he no longer watches the show when it airs in prime-time on Sundays. 

“I haven't watched the show regularly in about 15 years. On Sundays I watch stuff like Breaking Bad or Mad Men.” 

Many people have been saying that for years, but coming from someone so intimately involved with the series is serious stuff. He wasn't being tongue-in-cheek, either. Groening went so far as to he hopes the show doesn't get renewed for another season. 

“I don't know why Fox keeps renewing it. The jokes aren't good, the storylines are a mess and episodes are forgettable. I think the staf fand co-creators agree. But the money keeps rolling in and Fox says we're better than ever, so what do you do?” 

[H/T @laurenonizzle]