If You Ask Siri To Play ‘Loud Farts’ She Rips A Wet One Right On Rihanna’s Chest — Go On, Try It

Right now the entire Apple world is asking Siri to ‘play wet farts’ on their iPhones, and in response to that Siri’s throwing some serious shade back at Rihanna. When I first heard of this I thought there was no way it was true, that there was NO POSSIBLE way that Siri would try and play ‘What’s My Name’ by Rihanna when asked ‘Siri, play wet farts’. I actually had to activate the Siri functionality on my iPhone in order to test this out myself, low and behold she tried to find Rihanna’s music when I asked ‘Siri, play wet farts’. Here are my screenshots as proof:

As reported over on Mashable, if you’re hooked up with Apple Music then when you ask Siri to ‘play wet farts’ she’ll pull up ‘What’s My Name’ by Rihanna (feat. Drake), and since I have an iPhone but don’t care for either Apple Music or Rihanna (or Siri), unfortunately she wasn’t able to do any of that. Here’s a video if the entire thing in action though, so you know it’s not just me faking screenshots on my phone:


I have so many questions: Why do Siri and Apple Music hate Rihanna? Why does Rihanna’s music sound like loud farts? What would Siri play if I asked her to ‘play wet farts’ (I’ve already disabled Siri again because it’s a pointless function)??? I’m just ever so excited to see Apple’s response on why this happened.

This all comes just 2 weeks after the world discovered how hilarious it was when you asked Siri ‘what’s zero divided by zero?’, so I suspect we’re about to see a complete onslaught of random Siri questions in the coming days.