Rapper Loses Gold And Diamond Chain Worth $100K While Crowd Surfing (Pics + Video)

Rapper Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd lost an insanely lavish gold and diamond chain while crowd surfing in Paris during a concert. The chain is estimated to be worth $100,000. Slim Jxmmi recently purchased the jeweled chain and shared it with his Twitter followers back on May 23rd (up-close footage of the chain below), so he didn’t even have this ridiculous piece of jewelry for two whole months.

Rae Sremmurd performed in the city of Paris on Monday (July 3rd), and here you can see Slim Jxmmi jumping into the crowd. It was during this moment that Slim lost his $100,000 diamond chain while crowd surfing. In this video, you can see the members of Rae Sremmurd begging the crowd to hand his diamond chain back over, saying “Who got the chain? We bringing you on tour right now, bring the chain up here.”

Slim Jxmmi initially offered a €5,000 reward (Euros) for the chain and when nobody took the bait he upped the ante to €50,000. I’m guessing it was at that point that someone in the crowd, whoever had the chain, realized that what they were hiding in their pocket was worth a shit ton of money.

Here’s a close-up look at that $100,000 gold and diamond chain lost by Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd:


If you’re wondering how Slim feels about losing his new chain and being out the $100,000 he sent out these tweets:



I guess it’s easy to play it cool when you’re making money on tour and possibly worth a ton of money, but if that was me I’d be shitting my pants with anger. I guess it’s worth noting that he sent out this tweet before losing his chain on Monday (h/t XXL Mag):


If you’re not familiar with Rae Sremmurd you should check out this track:


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