Watch Smash Mouth’s Lead Singer Have An Epic Meltdown After Getting Hit With Bread By Someone In The Crowd

I don’t even care about the fact that Smash Mouth’s lead singer got hit in the head with a loaf of bread, I care that people actually paid to see a Smash Mouth concert in 2015. Are these people all millionaires? Because having millions of dollars of disposable income is the only acceptable reason to PAY to see Smash Mouth perform. Like, I would pay to see Rebecca Black sing “Friday” live on repeat for 4 hours rather than even throw $1 towards anyone even associated with Smash Mouth.

While I was clearly like “wut” from the get-go, the people who went to see Smash Mouth headline the Taste of Fort Collins music festival this past weekend are finally on the same page as me, considering that the lead singer (Steve Harwell) had a fucking meltdown after getting hit with some bread while on stage. According to the Redditor who was at the concert:

Yesterday, while Atlas Genius was playing, someone tossed a loaf of bread in the air, which resulted in the entire crowd tossing slices of bread around for the duration of the set. Atlas Genius made some punny jokes about gluten intolerance, but the lead singer of Smash Mouth had a crumby attitude.

What exactly is a “crumby attitude,” you ask? It’s where you threaten concertgoers that you’re going to “beat the fucking shit out of them” and calling everyone “pussy bitches.” Oh, and there were families in attendance.

A bunch of all-stars these are not.

[H/T Uproxx]