The SNL 40th Season Premiere Tackled NFL Violence In Two Skits

The legendary show opened their 40th season with the cold open of Kenan Thompson as Ray Lewis and and Jay Pharoah as Shannon Sharpe on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley. The ex-players have a really tough time answering questions about the tribulations of current NFL players. Chris Pratt is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell promoting a new NFL program aimed at bringing awareness to domestic violence towards women, but it goes as smooth as an elevator ride with Ray Rice.

Then SNL slammed the NFL over their handling of the recent and highly publicized violent situations with their players by making a minor tweak to their player introductions for the Baltimore Ravens and the Carolina Panthers. Personally, I think hearing intriguing tidbits about a player’s personal history of “OD’ing on penis pills” and “sending a picture of my ding dong to Michelle Obama” is much more entertaining than what college they pretended to attend academically.