SNL: Jim Carrey Ponders Life, Boogers And Vehicular Manslaughter As Matthew McConaughey In Lincoln Ad Spoof

You may have seen the Lincoln commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey driving the luxury automobile while contemplating the meaning of life, but they definitely lack the entertainment value of these fake ads on Saturday Night Live. In the faux commercials Jim Carrey portrays McConaughey and attempts to unravel’s life’s most curious mysteries such as “Who am I?,” “Why am I here?,” “When I’m done rolling up this booger should I eat it or throw it out this window?” The commercial is a hilarious spoofception considering that the actual Lincoln ads are a parody of McConaughey’s True Detective character Rust Cohle, and his nihilistic philosophies. Unfortunately Carrey is so deep in thought that he doesn’t see Allstate spokesman Dennis Haysbert. That’s when we learn that time is a flat circle of what used to be Keenan Thompson splattered on the grill of Carrey’s Lincoln MKC.