SNL Recap: Adam Levine Hosts as SNL Makes Fun of Ray Lewis, Catfish TV Show, and Thailand Sex Trips

Cold Open: MLK Talks to President Obama

In light of this past week's events, solid sketch. Who knew MLK was such a gossip?


Adam Levine's Monologue

Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz, Jerry Seinfeld, and lots of jokes about “The Voice,” a show Adam Levine hosts but I don't watch.


Rosetta Stone: Thai

After watching, you'll always be suspicious of anyone over the age of 40 using Rosetta Stone to “prepare” for a business trip to Southeast Asia.


Circle Work: An Advice Show

Kel and Adam Levine as gay dudes on a relationship advice show. Worth it for the Jason Sudeikis appearance.


The Sopranos Dairies

An absolute mockery of MTV's “The Carrie Diaries” with the North Jersey-based gang from that other popular HBO show. Fred Armisen makes one hell of a Pauly Walnuts. 


Firehouse Incident

Meet Bill Hader, the psycho dramatic firefighter with bi-polar meltdowns. 


Weekend Update: Ray Lewis

Kenan's shining moment: Mocking Ray Lewis for all his “higher power” pre-Super Bowl pump up rhetoric. Remember, athletes are heroes, you guys.



In light of the Manti Te'o incident, you knew an SNL skewering of Catfish was coming. Here it is, staring Ace Applebees, a model for Abercrombie.


Biden Bash

Hey, the Dover Speedway in Delaware? I've been there. Fantastic place to drink 14 Busch Lights before 11:30 A.M. Joe Biden is the man. My dream: Sunday during the summer, Dewey Beach: Biden and I do a few beer bongs before heading down to the Starboard to crush DIY Bloody Marys and dance on picnic tables. That's livin' the dream, man. 


Kendrick Lamar: “Drank”

Dude is the man.

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