With The Help Of Tom Hanks, ‘SNL’ Takes One Last Roast Of The Final Presidential Debate

by 3 years ago


Saturday Night Live mocked the last presidential debate with the help of Tom Hanks playing the role of moderator Chris Wallace from Fox News.

“It’s like the third Lord of the Rings movie,” Hanks as Wallace said of the final debate. “You don’t want to watch but, hey, you’ve come this far.”

Alec Baldwin brought back his impressive Donald Trump impression and Kate McKinnon was Hillary Clinton.

They parody of the debate hammered home all the important events and quotes from the debate such as “nasty women.”


When Trump says, “bad hombres,” Hillary screams, “Oh, Bingo! Bingo! I got a Bingo!” McKinnon’s Hillary pulls out a bingo card with ridiculous words that she thinks Trump will blurt out.


Clinton was ready to cut up the competition, but she wasn’t willing to answer any and all questions about her emails and WikiLeaks.


When Trump says that no one has more respect for women than he does, the entire planet erupts in laughter.

Baldwin even poked fun of his brother Stephen, who is a Trump supporter. Baldwin’s Trump named all of his “famous” supporters including Sarah Palin, Chachi and “I’ve even got the best Baldwin brother, Stephen.”

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