SNL: Ronda Rousey And Cecily Strong Are On Trial For Being Hot Teachers Who Have A Threesome With Student

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Back in 2014, hot Louisiana teachers Shelley Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, allegedly had a threesome with an underage student. The much ballyhooed tale brought a myriad of different emotions out of people including envy, anger, titillation and outrage. SNL attempted to recreate the unforgettable scandal by having Ronda Rousey and Cecily Strong being the naughty teachers who are on trial for having sexual relations with a very willing 16-year-old student played by Pete Davidson.

The student, Gavin Daley, gives testimony on the threesome that he had with his two female teachers. The student is asked to point out his former teachers in the court, to which he says, “They’re right there, giving me butterflies.” When the teachers asked the student to “come over for some private tutoring,” the student reacts with a GIF of a bird losing his feathers implying that he was “happy and on his way as quickly as possible.” Daley was so eager to get to the teacher’s house that he loses control of his car.

After his 5-hour romp, Daley said he left the house “with his arms out, kind of like spinning in circles, like a Disney princess, like mid-song.” Daley told his classmates about his sexual encounter as well as “anyone who would listen.” When asked if he was ostracized for the sex act by his peers, Daley informs the court that it was quite the opposite. “I was like Forest Gump when he was running across America and people started following him because he represents hope.”

Classmates began calling Daley names including “The Chosen One,” “King of Everything,” “The Revenant,” “Three’s Humpany,” “Diary of a Pimpy Kid,” “Velocitaptor” and “My Man,” but the way Denzel Washington says it.

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