SNL Perfectly Nails That Super Wasted Girl You’ll Meet At Your Halloween Party

Alcohol can be a wonderful elixir that brings laughter, joy, and grand times. The same alcohol can also turn people into monsters. Saturday Night Live demonstrated just how alcohol can take a good-intentioned night out and transform it into a sobbing, puking, falling on your face disaster that will cause you to hate your friends.

The comedy skit hits too close to home for those who have dealt with super wasted girls that ruin a party because they are extremely combative with everyone. Like when you’re the one that has to explain to a bouncer, who is a 260-pound mountain of a man, that your girlfriend didn’t mean any offense when she called him a “twig-legged, flea-brained twat who definitely didn’t stand a chance in a fight against her boyfriend.”

Enjoy your Halloween parties bros, and steer clear of having your night ruined by getting involved with drunk girls who are pumped full of chardonnay and suppressed anger and sadness.