SNL’s Pete Davidson Goes In On A Twitter Account Who Reminded Him His Dad Died On 9/11



Saturday Night Live rookie Pete Davidson just celebrated his 21st birthday over the weekend. The youngest cast member in SNL history has been killin’ it this season and definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Happy birthday, Pete!

A Twitter account called @WhatTheFFacts, however, took some wind out of his sails by reminding their 4 million+ followers that Pete has to spend the rest of his life without a dad. Pete’s dad — an NYC fireman — died in 9/11.


This is a fact, but an appropriate one to celebrate on the dude’s birthday? IDK man. Not really. Because if there’s one thing people with dead parents like to be reminded of on a big public stage is that the people they love the most are dead. Pete, however, took it with a grain of salt and responded with some good natured humor:

What a champ. Best thing to happen to SNL in years.

[H/T: Salon]

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