‘South Park’ Made Fun Of Roger Goodell By Making Him A Robot, Jerry Jones For Getting BJs

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South Park

As I said, last night’s season premiere of South Park was 100000% spot on. The coup de grace — besides all the trolololollllollllooollll about the Washington Redskins — was how perfectly South Park skewered Roger Goodell and his handling of the Ray Rice situation. All they had to do was add some animation to his robotic press conference last Friday and… BOOM! We have Robo Goodell, one of the most perfect South Park skewer jobs since I don’t even know. Kanye West?

All things considered, one of the funniest, most socially-significant South Park episodes in… I don’t know…. Forever? Just brilliant, Matt and Trey.



Also… They NAILED IT with Jerry Jones:


And of course, they went there with the elevator:

Also, anyone else catch Cartman talk about Bro-ing down at the beginning of the episode? As a “start-up,” this is like our motto every day here at BroBible:

What else made the episode great? Chime in and let us know in the comments.

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