South Park Swapped In Kirk Cousins For RGIII In Its NFL-Mocking Seasons Opener And IT WAS GENIUS



Tonight’s season premiere of South Park was 10000% genius. They fired shots at everyone: The NFL, Roger Goodell as a robot, the Ray Rice scandal, stupid Kickstarter campaigns, Dan Synder, the ridiculousness that we live in 2014 and still have a team named the Washington “Redskins.” We’ll to have A LOT about the very first South Park episode soon, but we need to throw up this moment of absolute genius on tonight’s episode. In the preview on Sunday, South Park had RGII staring next to an angry Dan Synder. In the actual episode, since RGIII is out, they replaced him with Kirk Cousins. Absolutely genius play, Matt and Trey. Absolutely genius.


Robt Goodell! Via SB Nation: