Spider-Man Spinoff Movie About Venom Is Finally Going To Happen

Sony has been trying to make a Venom spinoff movie for years, but have not had much success. The company recently killed off a Venom movie, but like any comic book character, they don’t die off easy, and there is now plans to make a movie based on the Spider-Man villain.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Sony is not only making a Venom movie, but it would possibly open the door for an entire franchise built around the alien symbiote. The new movie would be unrelated to the upcoming Spider-Man movie that stars Tom Holland as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Dante Harper (Edge of Tomorrow) will write the script. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are reportedly on as producers.

In September of 2014, Venom writer/director Alex Kurtzman, best known for the Transformers movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Star Trek, told MTV about the project:

Well, Venom is sort of the flip side in that there are certain lines that Spider-Man won’t cross because he’s Peter Parker and Peter Parker will only do certain things and Venom is an entirely different character. Venom, in a weird way, is the representation of every line that will get crossed. He’s a much darker character. I wouldn’t even really say more complicated because I think they’re both very complicated characters, but I think the attraction for me to Venom is the idea that you can do things that you can’t do with Spider-Man.

In the comic books, Venom was created in 1988 by David Micheline, Mike Zeck & Todd McFarlane. Originally he was a villain, but has morphed into an anti-hero, and even a member of Guardians of the Galaxy. The only time we saw Venom on screen was during Spider-Man 3. Hopefully they can do something with that freakishly long tongue.

This dark new villain movie comes on the heels of the success of Deadpool.