Apparently Squidward Isn’t A Squid AKA Your Entire Childhood Is A Load Of Crap

SpongeBob SquarePants is a show that we all grew up with assuming you were born in the 90’s, and if you weren’t then you done fucked up and best be watching the entire series as soon as you can. Actually, that’s a lie; the newer episodes suck. Get really high and watch the first couple seasons and then you can call it a day. Even though I think I know all the jokes in SpongeBob every time I re-watch an episode something new pops out that I’d never caught onto before. For example:

Guys…that’s not a giraffe. It’s an elephant. And it took me something like 8 years to catch onto that.

I am dumb.

But you know a joke that’s not obvious in SpongeBob? The fact that Squidward is apparently an octopus. I’m not sure that’s even a joke, but it definitely is a thing according to SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg in a video dating back to 2005:

Yeah I don’t expect you to sit through 15 minutes of that, so just take my word for it that Squidward is definitely an octopus. Yes, Squidward only has 6 tentacles, but according to Hillenberg 2 tentacles were dropped so that the cartoon would be easier to animate…hence the name SQUIDward…

…even though he’s an octopus.

Don’t worry, I’m not following either. Why not just have him be a squid and trash the initial octopus concept? I need to be in charge of more things, then everything would make sense and cartoon characters named Squidward would be squids, not octopi.

[H/T MTV News, header image via YouTube]