This Star Wars ‘Louie’ Parody Featuring Chewbacca Will Make You Laugh

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 2.41.29 PM


Chewbacca is so hot right now. Hottest Wookiee warrior on the planet.

With the much anticipated December 2015 release of JJ Abram’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Chewbacca must be getting more tail than he knows what to do with. Chewie and DiCaprio are probably getting fucked up on a yacht as I write this, sharing stories about banging Rihanna while getting blowjobs from the Olsen twins. There’s no living creature I’d rather be right now than Chewie. No one.

And this hilarious appearance in Louie C.K.’s Emmy Award-winning show Louie is only strengthening his brand.

Save some chicks for the rest of us, Chewy.

And the teaser trailer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens to give you a nerd boner.