Original ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Empire’ Trailers are Basically Terrible

I'm not kidding. Trailers are so cool. They are supposed to be cool. They are meant to blow your mind and make you stop and turn to your friend and say “No fucking way am I missing that!” The theatrical trailers for the first two Star Wars do not do that. They are actually downright boring. Here's Episode IV: A New Hope.

Listen to how boring that voice is. I'm asleep already. “It's the story of a boy and a girl and a universe.” Wahoo! The Empire Strikes Back isn't all that much better. They don't even give you shots from the film. Just storyboard sketches.

I guess it was easier to entertain people before Game Boys and Twitter, but still. Give me two minutes of Liam Neeson crashing through a airline cockpit over this crap any day.

[H/T FilmDrunk]