Steven Avery From ‘Making A Murderer’ Has A Brand Spankin’ New Legal Team To Try To Get Him Out Of Jail



There’s only so much a lawyer can do to get their client out of jail which, if you’ve watched Making a Murderer on Netflix, you probably already know. Your lawyer can have the most solid defense ever devised and can even poke holes into every argument the prosecution presents (not that this necessarily happened in Making a Murderer), but as long as the jury votes “Guilty” that’s all for naught. And while in the court of public opinion Dean Strang and Jerry Buting are clear-cut heroes, that doesn’t make Steven Avery any less of a currently incarcerated felon.

But fear not, Steven Avery fans! For Avery’s gotten himself a fancy-pants new legal team, according to Complex:

In a press release from Friday it was announced that Avery would now be represented by the Law Firm of Kathleen Zellner and Associates.Kathleen Zellner has taken on many high profile clients in the past, and the release states asserts, “The Zellner Law Firm is looking forward to adding Mr. Avery to its long list of wrongful conviction exonerations.” In addition to Zellner, local counsel Tricia Bushnell will assist with the case.

You’d think Avery’s case would be easy to appeal considering that even scientists who weren’t directly involved with the case are able to explain why the DNA evidence used was complete and utter garbage, or that the sheriff has come out to publicly say that he wishes his department had stayed out of the investigation (when they were never supposed to be involved in the first place), but hey — juries are stupid. And prejudiced. And stupid…yeah, mostly stupid.

[H/T Complex]

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