The Sheriff From ‘Making A Murderer’ Has Gotten Death Threats, Says He Wishes They’d Stayed Out Of The Investigation

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By this point if you haven’t watched Making a Murderer despite all the media coverage and social media frenzy that the show has caused, you probably deserve any spoilers that might come your way upon clicking on this post. In other words, there are definitely spoilers here but I’m not going to tag them. You clicked on your own free will buddy, don’t come crying to me if you’re only on episode two and I ruin the whole series for you.

While most people who’ve watched the hit Netflix show are convinced that Steven Avery is innocent (or at the very least, convinced that the cops planted evidence), most aren’t jazzed enough to go out of their way to fuck with the people featured in the documentary. Hell, I was pretty jazzed about the whole thing when I finished – I even Googled the case. GOOGLED it! That’s a whole lot of extra effort I don’t normally put myself through, but there I was, typing shit into a search bar to try and find out more about what went down in Manitowoc County.

However, it seems like there’s a large population of viewers out there who’ve taken it upon themselves to screw with Sheriff Robert Hermann, who’s been receiving death threats since Making a Murderer was released. According to Daily Mail,

OnMilwaukee sat down for an interview with Sheriff Robert Hermann who revealed that the FBI has become involved after an anonymous caller ‘said something to the effect of if you didn’t hurt yourself, I’d do it for you. With a bullet to the head.’

Sheriff Hermann – who was the undersheriff at the time of the Steven Avery case which is the focus of the docuseries – also said that he now regrets that the department was ever involved in the investigation.

While Hermann still says that none of the evidence found on Avery’s property was planted, he does state that “had he known that his [Avery’s] defense team would introduce this idea during trial they would have never gotten involved in the case.”

‘From the benefit of 20-20 hindsight, had we known this would be the defense strategy, yeah, I think that would definitely be the best thing to do,’ said Sheriff Hermann.

He then added; ‘We would probably have been better off turning the whole thing over.’(via)

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