Steven Avery’s Lawyer Is Talking A Big Game About Setting Steven Avery Free In Season 2 Of ‘Making A Murderer’

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Steven Avery’s new fancy pants lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, is extremely confident in setting her client free from his lifelong prison sentence, and thus turning America’s former sweethearts Dean Strang and Gary Buting into worthless shitheads who couldn’t even do the one thing they were hired to do.

The Chicago-based lawyer is no quack–the 2014 Lawyer Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ specializes in overturning wrongful convictions, racking up 17 in total, mostly pro-bono cases. She’s even obtained the release of a death row inmate after convincing the real murderer to confess to the murder.

Even before Netflix announced that they will be releasing a second season of the wildly popular Making a Murderer, Zellner has been very vocal on Twitter about Steven Avery’s innocence, a case she’s been working on since January.

In a recent statement made to People Magazine, Zellner appears more confident than ever that Steven will be acquitted of the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

“The new Netflix episodes will reveal all of the new evidence we have developed to show Steven is innocent and was framed for a second time.”

Zellner then hopped on Twitter to tease the progress she’s made in the case to her 166,000 followers.

I really hope Zellner isn’t dancing before the end zone. I guess I’m being petty. I mean, I really hope Teresa Halbach’s real killer is found. Ultimately, that’s what really matters. So Kathleen, your job isn’t over just because you freed an innocent man. Find the guilty one and throw his ass in jail. No pressure. Good luck out there.

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