You Can Stream MTV’s ‘White People’ Documentary In Its Entirety Right Now!

by 3 years ago

While most of the known population was tuned into the SyFy Network last night watching Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No, MTV surreptitiously premiered their controversial documentary White People. Because I know none of you bros were watching it, but like myself some of you are at least moderately intrigued by what White People was all about, you can now stream the entire documentary by hitting that play button on the video down above!

True to its name, the documentary follows the eponymous white people from coast to coast, attempting to dive into the deep end of America’s discussion on race. MTV’s White People definitely fell short of being considered groundbreaking or monumental, but as notes, it did succeed in adding to the ongoing conversations about race in America.

I don’t want to spoil too much for you, so I’ll go ahead and let you stream White People for yourself. One thing I might suggest is if you don’t have time to stream this YouTube video up on your LCD TV, maybe try just letting it play in the background and actually listening to what the people have to say instead of looking at the people saying it. By watching White People that way you might end up taking away more from the documentary than by watching the on-screen personalities and making any sorts of judgements about their appearances.

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