These Two Parkour Legends Went Beast Mode As The Real Life Super Mario Brothers

A couple dudes dressed up as Luigi and Mario, and opened a can of parkour-whoopass on what seems to be a college campus. It’s absolutely sensational. This right here’s the kind of video that just makes you smile and silently loose your shit as you shout ‘yes! Yes!’ repeatedly at your computer. These two bros as Luigi and Mario killed the parkour game, and their damn hats stayed on the whole time (realtalk:like probably not though)! It’s a toss-up between which of the iconic Nintendo characters brought home the gold, or straight up savage-kicked the most of the many impressive CGI-implemented (shoutout to Dark Pixel–killing the game dude) minions.

I desperately want to know what campus they filmed these various stunts at, because we can’t go on without recognizing for at least a moment that these free running masters had to have looked flat-out jailbroken psychotic hurtling and kicking and punching for all intents and purposes, air. Whatever though. We should all hope that this video goes viral, makes its way to the hands of various Nintendo coders/game creators, and eventually inspires someone to create a virtual reality version of the Super Mario game franchise–much like what’s already been done with Nintendo’s recent move to send Pokemon trainers out into the real world.