Susan Sarandon, Piers Morgan And Twitter Peasants Got Into A Fight Over Sarandon’s Cleavage At The SAG Awards

Earlier this month we brought you pictures of Susan Sarandon and her cleavage from the SAG Awards, where Sarandon was the presenter for the “In Memoriam” segment. Unfortunately for her she got a little bit of shit for it throughout the Internet, with people saying that her outfit was “inappropriate for an ‘In Memoriam’ tribute.” We here at BroBible of course support whatever Susan Sarandon wants to wear – it’s her body and it’s no skin off our backs. Hell, she could’ve shown up in her birthday suit and we would’ve been fine with it. Granted she probably wouldn’t have been admitted into the ceremony, but that’s neither here nor there.

Among the thousands of Twitter users who felt the need to comment on Sarandon’s outfit was none other than Piers Morgan, aka that British guy who appears on US television shows and is basically the “new” Simon Cowell, but with less experience in the music industry. Piers tweeted the following earlier this week, starting the spat between him and Sarandon:

Rather than really feed into Morgan, Sarandon decided to troll him with the following:

And because Morgan isn’t without a sense of humor, Sarandon got to see the following lovely image on her Twitter feed:

However once Morgan said anything about Sarandon’s cleavage Twitter OBVIOUSLY started blowing him up about it, forcing him to justify himself with the following tweets:

And now because Twitter can’t let shit go, here’s just a sampling of what’s been popping up on Morgan’s feed:

And as for Piers’ final response…:

End of story.



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