Taylor Swift Gave a Fan $90 to Go Buy Chipotle While Walking in Central Park

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Taylor Swift knows that the guac is extra. Last week Taylor Swift took a day trip to Central Park’s famous boathouse pond. Photogs captured her posing for a selfie with a fan and then giving her cash. BUT WHY?! Continuing to be a model citizen to the world, it has been revealed by Twitter that Taylor Swift was giving the fan money to buy lunch at Chipotle:



$90s gets you a lot of burrito bowls with brown rice. When is the last time Taylor Swift has even had lunch at Chipotle? Does she know that $9 gets you PLENTY to eat there? Does she want her fan to go balls to the wall, loading up on guac and chips and maybe even a fountain drink?

Taylor, if you’re reading this, the BroBible team would be more than happy to treat you to Chipotle at the one on Spring and Crosby in Soho. Margs afterwards on us, too.

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[H/T: Buzzfeed]

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