Taylor Swift About Broke The Internet With Her ‘No Its Becky’ Meme Shirt

taylor swift becky meme


For non-Swifties, a little background… a photo of Taylor Swift in high school appeared on Tumblr with the story of a girl named “Becky” who reportedly died from snorting marijuana. Swift apparently found this pretty amusing as she “liked” the post.

In fact, as it turns out, Taylor liked it so much she just about killed all the Taylor Swift fans today by wearing an oh-so-meta t-shirt that says, you guessed it, “No, it’s Becky.”

Seriously, there must be a million tweets like this now on the Web, which just goes to show everyone that Taylor Swift truly rules the Internet. Cats and all.

Expect to see half the women you know to be wearing one of these “Becky” shirts by week’s end.


Taylor Swift image by Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock

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