The Daily Show Pissed Off Just About Everyone With A Gross Tweet About The Supreme Court Abortion Decision

Today, the Supreme Court made a historic decision in favor of women’s health, finding that Texas’s insanely restrictive regulations for abortion clinics were unconstitutional. The laws, if allowed, essentially would have shut down 30 clinics in the nation’s second largest state, reducing the number to 10.

The court found the regulations violated a ruling in Planned Parenthood v Casey, which said states could not place an “undue burden” on a woman who wanted to terminate a pregnancy.

The victory is a tremendous step forward for reproductive rights, which if you don’t think need to be protected, read this harrowing story about a woman whose baby was declared unviable and had to travel to the ONE clinic in America that was capable of performing her procedure.

Women across the nation are celebrating this victory, and The Daily Show wanted to show their support. Cool, good.

What funny, incisive, witty, trenchant take did you think they’d proffer?

Oh. You should knock someone up now. Because abortion rights weren’t stripped away.

That’s… I know Trevor Noah probably doesn’t have too much input into their Twitter account, but you know that dumb stance wouldn’t happen with Jon Stewart at the helm.

The response online has been overwhelming negative, as it should.

Yea. It’s like a joke a seventh grader would whip up.