‘Dark Knight’ Fan Theory Suggests That The Joker Was The Actual Hero Of The Movie



Last week we posted a fan theory about Daniel from the Karate Kid being the real bully in the movie. That theory blew our minds. Now just a week later, there’s another mind blowing fan theory that makes the case that the Joker was the actual hero of ‘The Dark Knight’ and that Batman was the villain.

Reddit user GeneralZee explains.

Joker, although a lying psychopath, is actually the hero in The Dark Knight. Before the Joker, Gotham was a mess. Entire sections of the city were closed off due to madness, organized crime ran rampant, and the majority of important city officials were wildly corrupt. The city even tolerated a renegade vigilante who ran around wearing a rubber suit (Okay, special armor and carbon fiber, but they don’t know that).

Along comes the Joker and by the end of a very short time, almost all organized crime was eliminated, many corrupt officials were imprisoned or dead, and the city’s Vigilante even went into hiding for 8 years. This was all part of Joker’s masterfully executed plan.

You can read more of GeneralZee’s 829 word theory over on Reddit.

H/T Uproxx