Proof That Daniel Was The Real Bully In ‘The Karate Kid’, Not Johnny

Daniel, not Johnny, was the bully in The Karate Kid. Johnny was just trying to live his life when Daniel Son came roaring into California, causing fights and car accidents, bullying up the town, picking up demon sorcery power from Mr. Miyagi, and unjustly winning blood-soaked trophies. This video blows open the lie that is The Karate Kid, the lie we’ve all been forced to believe for years, that Daniel was some sort of a hero. You’ll never watch The Karate Kid the same again after seeing the lies of Daniel exposed.

If you follow the video all the way to the end you’ll get that payoff you’ve been waiting for. I completely lost it at the climactic scene of The Karate Kid when Daniel kicks Johnny in the face, winning the tournament, and the video’s narrator drops this gem: “Ever mindful of good sportsmanship, Johnny lets go of his sadness at losing, subjugates his ego, and personally presents Daniel with his tainted blood-soaked trophy. May you choke on it in your wet dreams, you rotten little prick.” It’s also at that quote that I began to wonder who in the heck all of these people were holding Daniel in the air, where did all of these people come from, and why weren’t they around throughout the movie when Daniel didn’t have any friends at all?