Someone Enhanced The Mountain’s Shadowed Face From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale And Holy Hell Is It Terrifying

No wonder Septa Unella (who happens to be kind of a babe in real life) started screaming bloody murder the minute she got a glimpse of The Mountain’s face underneath his helmet – he’s ugly as balls.

Well…that, and he’s also fucking terrifying. I have a feeling that’s the real reason she was having a total and complete meltdown…but for all we know the Septa has raging allergies when exposed to undead flesh, in which case she’s in for one hell of a runny nose for however much longer she lives.

Unfortunately for us viewers, The Mountain’s face was covered in heavy shadow after he finally, FINALLY took his helmet off – however the lovely people over at PopSugar took the time to not only screenshot his face, but lighten the image in Photoshop to the point where you can actually tell what he looks like. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, it’s not pretty:

Yeesh. Do us all a favor and put the helmet back on, will ya?

[H/T PopSugar]