The Rock Doing A 360-Pound Inverted Leg Press Puts Your Scrawny Little Toothpick Calves To Shame

Don’t be offended about having toothpick calves! It’s just the law of nature: leg day sucks for dudes just like anything involving weights and arm workouts are almost a near-death experience for girls.

But you know what? The Rock doesn’t give two shits about the laws of nature. Dude can pump out a leg workout at 360 pounds as easily as Matt Keohan can chow down on three bags of chips, four packs of fruit gummies and a “healthy” salad drenched in dressing from Chop’t:

And just in case you’re thinking “Whatever, my legs may be twigs but my arms are tree trunks! The Rock ain’t got shit on me there!” well, you’re wrong about that too:

Don’t worry — you can get strong just like The Rock too! Although admittedly it won’t be easy…

…but hey. Nothing in life worth having is, right?