The Stunt Crew For ‘Furious 7’ Is Reportedly PISSED That They Weren’t Included In The Film’s End Credits


Furious 7

Believe it or not, The Rock, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker don’t do 100% of their stunts. Crazy, right? If you don’t have to put your life on the line for a shot and the studio is willing to pay for someone who looks similar to you to do it instead, no shit you wouldn’t jump out of an airplane. With that in mind, the stunt doubles in movies deserve the same recognition that the A-list actors do…right?

Well apparently the people behind Furious 7 don’t think so, since the stunt team for the film is reportedly pissed because their names were left out of the movie’s end credits. According to TMZ,

Sources directly connected with production tell us, the 2nd unit crew was responsible for all the major action … including the parachuting car scene and the mountain road chase.

We’re told the stunt team members feel like they were “punched in the gut” when they realized 25 members of their team — many of whom risked their lives — were left out of the credits.

And get this … Paul Walker’s 2nd unit stunt double — who was inside a bus as it fell off a cliff — was uncredited.

TMZ has reportedly contacted Universal for a statement and were told that “they’re looking into it.”

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