10 Things To Do with Your Girlfriend Before the Big Game

Go see That Awkward Moment 

Beat the Valentine's weekend rush by hitting up the theaters this weekend for the ultimate bro-mantic comedy, That Awkward Moment. It co-stars Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan. It about the struggles every group of post-grad twentysomething Bros faces in the dating game, including when a member of the wolfpack starts getting serious about a lady. 

Teach her how prop bets work

If your girlfriend doesn't know about prop betting, teaching her how it works. It will keep her completely glued to the game. Beyond the basic heads-and-tails bet, this year's prop bets are insane. There's prop bets on Bruno Mars wearing a hat, Erin Andrews's scarf color, and Richard Sherman getting a taunting penalty. Bet against each other before heading to the game. 

DIY your own hot sauce

You and all your friends will be cowing out on all sorts of delicious munchies at a Super Bowl party on Sunday. But rather than dousing those chicken fingers in Tobasco or Franks, make your own. At it's core, hot sauce it's stupidly simple: Vinegar, peppers, and salt. There are hundreds — if not thousands — of recipes to DIY everything from sriracha to habanero sauce. It will also be a hell of a conversation starter at your Big Game party. 

Grow a pair and let her give you a haircut for a change

She's been nagging you to get a haircut for a long time, so it's time to put the power in her hands, literally. Barber scissors are like $10 at the drug store. Maybe do this one early in the day so you can head to the barber to fix things if needed. 

Let her shave you

Even more so than that haircut, this is the ultimate relationship trust exercise. Get that razor and shaving cream out, warm up a towel, and let her shave that mid-winter scruff off. 

Hit up a Jacuzzi 

Have you looked at a thermometer? It's COLD. But you know what's awesome when it's cold? Soaking in a jacuzzi. The deeper the snow, the better the time for a hot tub. Find a friend with one, throw on some robes, and crash it. Plus, it's a good time when the mist starts freezing her hair into icicles. 

Take a cupcake-making class together

Yeah, you read that right. A cupcake-making class. I'm sure if you look hard enough, you'll find one in your city. It is a well-known fact that every girl on the face of the planet is obsessed with cupcakes. She'll have enough Instagram pics for a month if you take her to a class where she can learn all sorts of new cupcake-baking tricks.  

Also: This 100% a panty-dropper. Cupcakes to girls are like oysters for guys: A natural aphrodisiac. If you didn't get laid because of this, it's probably time to end it. 

… Then watch UFC 169 together

Bro, you just went to a cupcake-making class. If that isn't taking one for the team, nothing is. Now it's your turn to do something uber-manly, like watch two grown men grapple in a caged octagon. The main fight card for UFC's annual Super Bowl weekend event at Newark, N.J.'s Prudential Center is ridiculous: 

Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber
José Aldo vs. Ricardo Lamas
Frank Mir vs. Alistair Overeem
Ali Bagautinov vs. John Lineker
Abel Trujillo vs. Jamie Varner

Once you tell her a couple things about how MMA works, chicks get really into watching these fights. Pay-per-view bloodsport can be quite a fun couples activity. Don't miss it. 

Study up on your opera

Renée Fleming is going to be singing the National Anthem on Sunday. Do you even know who she is? Probably not! That's because she's an opera singer. You will save people some Googling and look like such smartie pants when you can rattle off a couple of facts about her status in the opera game at your Super Bowl party. 

Beer + liquor + grocery run

Look, it's inevitable, especially if you're hosting a Super Bowl party. Two minds are better than one when it comes to tackling the grocery store for snacks and game day foods.