‘Game Of Thrones’ Is About To Lose Yet ANOTHER Main Character In Season Five

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Yesterday we told you that Hodor and Bran are not going to be appearing in season five of Game of Thrones. Why? Because the show has pretty much caught up to their storyline, so until another book comes out they’re shit outta luck. However, Sansa Stark’s storyline is almost caught up as well…but in her case show writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have a “plan.”

“Game of Thrones is so unpredictable and it was a big surprise what is happening to her this season,” [actress Sophie] Turner says. “I am so excited because it gives me the opportunity to work with new people and it goes in a completely different direction. I think the fans will really like where her storyline is going this season.”

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According to Uproxx, there’s 24 paragraphs that describe what happens to Sansa Stark on her Wikipedia page, 22 of which have already been covered or skipped. George R.R. Martin has said before that if the show catches up to the books before he finishes writing them that he’ll tell the writers the general direction he’s going in, but who wants the show to be “sorta-kinda accurate” to the books when it comes to the plot? Only one thing is for sure…

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