T.I. Explained How He Ended The Nasty Snoop Dogg – Iggy Azalea Beef

Last week Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea were involved in one of the ugliest social media wars we’ve ever seen (god, that’s so lame), but all it took was one call from master negotiator T.I. to Snoop Dogg and it was all apologies and rainbows.

Here’s how it all went down.

“I stepped in when it became a public topic of discussion. When it stopped being between two people and it was being observed by the world, and it was almost like people were tuning in just to see what was happening next,” explained T.I. He’s right about that.

“Me and Snoop have a long-standing personal and professional relationship. I have a huge amount of admiration, love and respect for him and for what he’s done for the game — for people like me to be able to do what we do — and when I called him it was a very, very, very cordial, respectful [conversation]. He immediately said he knew what I was calling about and just assured me [it was] nothing to even worry about. It’s over with. And we started talking about something else immediately.”

Thank God for T.I. or else this feud may have never ended and then where would we be? Check out the entire explanation in the video below.