BROS! Ticketmaster Settles $400 Million Lawsuit By Giving You FREE Tickets And Here’s How To Get Them!

by 3 years ago


Hey do you like free shit? Cool! Me too! Well thanks to Ticketmaster apparently fucking people over with inflated fees you could get free tickets!

A $400 million class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster for outrageous overcharges on tickets that were purchased through the site between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013. Approximately 50 million people will receive free tickets and discount codes. Ticketmaster is offering $42 million worth of discount codes on an annual basis for the next four years.

To see if there is free goodies waiting for you because you got taken advantage of my the ticket giant in the past you need to log into your Ticketmaster account. Then view “Active Vouchers,” where if you are eligible will find a treasure trove of free shit.

There of course are stipulations. The “free tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis” for “General Admission seating at designated concert events at Live Nation owned or operated venues.” Of course things can’t be easy. The link to find out which events are eligible doesn’t show a list of shows or venues. You can sign up here to receive email notifications when new events are added.

I was skeptical at first, then I checked my Ticketmaster account and found that I was given 17 pairs of free tickets, which is super awesome or super not cool because Ticketmaster must have anally assaulted me quite thoroughly over the past decade.

So go get your free shows bros!


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