T.J. Miller’s Interview On ‘First We Feast’ Was A Victorious Hot Sauce-Drenched SweatFest

This is arguably the most entertaining, if not unbelievable interview of all time. T.J. Miller is a comedic riot. Ever since ‘Cloverfield’ I’ve loved this dude, and his ongoing role in ‘Silicon Valley’ as Erlich Bachman is gold.

You’re in for a real treat with this interview bros. From some sweet, sweet storytelling in which Miller dispels some pretty graphic, dirtied-down, first-kiss details, to how he feels about Ryan Reynolds being ‘distractingly handsome,’ and impressively funny all at once–this interview sheds some light on the internet’s favorite trash-talking superbadass Deadpool, while giving T.J. Miller the stage to willingly torture himself in a sea of hot sauce (one of the sauces is 24 times hotter than a jalapeño).

Seriously though, sweating buckets, Miller’s chill level is off the Scoville scale. He remains composed, but you can see the dude is doing all he can to not take all the world’s milk straight to face. I mean, he’s downing wings covered in magma sauce hotter than Satan’s fiery taint.

A couple one-liners that stuck out during this interview were when Miller commented on his ‘Deadpool’ co-star Ryan Reynolds humor/handsomeness deadly combo.

‘I got lost in his eyes one scene, and I wasn’t able to get out for like two-three weeks.’

And later on Miller proposed his pretty well-founded theory on why Ryan Reynolds outfitted and masked up as Deadpool was so outrageously entertaining:

‘He’s too handsome for comedy, but when you cover his face you realize he’s a really funny guy.’

Honestly, a totally valid point.