Tomi Lahren’s One Week Suspension From ‘The Blaze’ Has Reportedly Been Upgraded To A Lifetime Ban


Hot Take Tomi Lahren’s  suspension from conservative media company The Blaze has gone from one week to a “permanent ban,” according to the New York Post.

The 24-year-old UNLV grad was suspended last week after flip-flopping on abortion and declaring herself pro-choice, enraging her conservative base. Just three months ago, the opinionated whipper snapper considered abortion ‘murder,’ but during her appearance on The View, she passionately argued against that ideology.

Insiders speculate that Glenn Beck, Lahren’s (former boss) and founder of the multiplatform conservative network The Blaze, is reminding the world of his conservative principles after he went on Samantha Bee’s TBS show in December and apologized for being divisive in the past.

“He’s trying to balance being a leading conservative thinker and also someone who can unify the country,” the Beck associate told me. “He just couldn’t sit by and watch as Tomi Lahren said there’s no way for conservatives to justify anything other than being pro-choice.”

“Beck’s trying to reinvent himself,” a former insider told me. “But he’s burned too many bridges.”

Beck may also have been beating Lahren to the punch, as her contract with The Blaze ends in September and she will almost surely head to greener pastures. Especially since from 2014 to 2017, has lost two-thirds of its site traffic.

[h/t Page Six]