Did Tommy Chong Shout ‘Vagina!’ Between Peta Mergatroyd’s Legs During Their Dance Routine?

tommy chong dwts vagina

YouTube/Dancing With The Stars

So who caught Tommy Chong yelling out the word “vagina” on Dancing With The Stars the other night? In case you didn’t see it, and I know most of you didn’t, we need to relive this epic moment in television history because Tommy Chong just won this season even if he gets eliminated from the actual dancing competition.

During Chong’s salsa routine with his partner Peta Mergatroyd, there was a step where Peta does a little cartwheel in front of Chong where he catches her legs and then spreads them apart and back together. It was at this particular moment in time that it appears Chong shouts, “Vagina!”

Of course that audio didn’t make it on the air, but as you can see from the video below and my CSI-like GIF below that it sure as hell looks like Tommy busted out the V-word.

Here’s a better look…

So did he or didn’t he? It sure looks that way to me. And if so, let’s hope Chong makes it all the way to the finals so we can see what else he has up his sleeve.

H/T RadarOnline

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