The Incredible Trailer For A Movie Based Entirely On The Drunk Mac And Cheese UConn Kid

Actor Justin Theroux stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday to promote a new project he’s working on. No not the show The Leftovers, he stars in a movie that brings to life the struggle of the drunk mac and cheese kid. This is the part where I’m supposed to say, “Justin Theroux made a cheesy parody of the drunk bacon jalapeno mac and cheese kid from UConn.” But I’m not going to because that’s too cheesy.

Theroux told Jimmy that he purchased the rights to the YouTube video of the drunken University of Connecticut student who went on a rage over “fucking bacon jalapeno mac and cheese.” The movie is appropriately titled, “Mad Mac: Hunger Is No Game.”

“I was interested in the character, and I wanted to explore that,” Theroux explained.

Theroux had the honor of playing cheesy carbohydrate-loving freshman Luke Gatti. Comedian David Koechner is the supervisor who gets into a fight with the hungry student. Kimmel makes an unforgettable cameo as the cafeteria lunch lady.

Theroux revealed that the sequel could revolve around the 19-year-old’s apology.

See kids, you can be famous just by being an absolute piece of human garbage. Guess Gatti was inspired by the Kardashians.