Check Out The First Teaser Trailer For ‘Batman V Superman’

Batman V Superman won’t come out for almost an entire year from now (it’s set to hit theaters on March 25, 2016), so if you’re an impatient person who gets fidgety at even the thought of waiting more than 20 minutes for the delivery pizza guy to get to your door, don’t watch this. I’m serious. It’s a teaser trailer for Batman V Superman, emphasis on teaser. No plot is revealed and it’ll just make you more anxious, which is something I don’t want to be at fault for because my conscience is already overloaded with all the shitty life choices I make since I’m an awful person.

But if you can handle the wait…go for it.


Yeah, that’s not much. Just a few shots of some costumes and a good ol’ hashtag at the end for free word of mouth via Twitter promotion. Don’t worry though, since according to Screen Crush, that’s not even the whole teaser.

If you want to see the whole teaser plus Snyder’s intro, you’ll need to register at the film’s official site. They’ll give you the theaters playing the preview in your area then redirect you to Warner Bros.’ site, where you’ll need to register an account and then click through a bunch of forms before you get your actual passes (up to two) to the event.

You can register for the IMAX even HERE, or be like me and just wait until it undoubtedly leaks onto the Internet no more than 5 days after the first premiere.

[H/T Screen Crush]