‘We Are Your Friends’ EDM Movie Features Zac Efron As A DJ Who Is Probably Banging Emily Ratajkowski

by 5 years ago

Bros! Are you ready to find your sound this summer, Bros? The first trailer for Warner Brothers movie about the EDM scene has finally dropped. It’s called We Are Your Friends (Yes, like the Justice song) and it features Zac Efron as a college-age upcoming EDM DJ with big dreams — he doesn’t want to get stuck in The Valley for the rest of his life, Bros. Real shit!

Efron and fellow millennial Bros hustle the party promotion game in college. Meanwhile, Ef is working his balls off to get his big break in the way all DJs try to get their big break — making Hollywood hotties shake it to 128 BPM bangers. Cue Emily Ratajkowski eye-fucking the shit out of him and the inevitable montage of Ef and Em running away to Vegas, where I assume he lands a contract for $200,000-a-night to spin at XS.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.46.58 AM

Warner Brothers

There’s no doubt Efron and Ratajkowski bang in this movie, right?

No wonder Efron had to go to rehab a couple years ago. On the heels of making the frat movie Neighbors, the poor dude was probably molly’d and coke’d out of his balls by the end of shooting.

We Are Your Friends could be a defining movie for 20-somethings aspiring to make it in the EDM/app/whatever game. It might be this generation’s Swingers.

I can already hear ever the enthusiastic proclamations of 22-year-old Bros everywhere after watching the first trailer.


Opens in theaters August 28, 2015.

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