The Trailer for ‘Gone Girl’ Is Something You Film Buffs Might Want to Watch


Gone Girl was a pretty great read when it was released in 2012, and its film adaptation has most likely found the perfect director in David Fincher.

Fincher is responsible for The Social Network, Zodiac, Fight Club, and even House of Cards, and if you’ve seen one of his films, you’ll recognize the slick, distinctive style that carries over in this trailer. You also might recognize the decision to lay a pretty song over increasingly dark visuals—this is after all, a film about a guy, Ben Affleck, whose wife disappears on their fifth anniversary under suspicious circumstances—because The Social Network pretty much did the same thing for its trailer a few years ago. Whatever. It’s still cool.

In addition to Affleck showing his dramatic chops, Gone Girl will represent one Emily Ratajkowski’s first major screen role. Her acting experience up to this point is a stint on the kids’ show iCarly, so things should be interesting.

The film which will drive you to never get married will be released this October 3.