The First Trailer For The ‘I Am Chris Farley’ Documentary Is Here And It Will Make You Laugh And Cry Simultaneously

Last month, we giddily reported the announcement of a Chris Farley documentary, I Am Chris Farley, to be released on Spike TV on August 10th.

Well, the official first trailer has been released and it looks awesome. With thoughtful interviews from Bob Saget, Adam Sandler, Lorne Michaels, Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), Mike Myers, and Christina Applegate, we’re bound to learn a lot more about the late funniest man on the planet.

From the original post:

The documentary profiles his early days in Madison, Wisconsin and Marquette University. In an excerpt from Farley’s friend, Barry Calpino, who lived across the hall from him at Marquette via, Farley was just as hilarious in his college days as his legacy dictates.  Barry recalls a few gems from back in the day:

-Dancing on the top of a beer truck with his pants off.

-Interrupting [John’s] French literature class and abusing the poor teacher.

-Running through a big plate glass window at the student union late at night.

-Being the pioneer-innovator behind a rugby club drinking game called “butt quarters” – which requires no additional explanation.

The film then transitions to his work at Second City, SNL, and in films such as Black Sheep and Tommy Boy. 

An absolute must-watch.

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