The Trailer For ‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3’ Features Batman With A Plan To Kill Nearly Every Superhero

Robot Chicken was that show you watched online when your parents weren’t around because you were 12 and 12-year-olds aren’t allowed to watch Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. 12-year-olds also aren’t allowed to stay up past 11:00 assuming their parents are meth-gobbling pieces of shit, but that’s beside the point. Robot Chicken is one of the only shows that you find hysterical when you’re a kid but remains just as wonderful as you age; I can go and watch old repeats from 2010 that I thought were funny as a shithead senior in high school the same as I can watch new episodes today. Doesn’t matter what episode it is, I’ll probably still at least find it amusing (which can’t necessarily be said for most network “comedy” shows on the air today).

If we’re basing the quality of “DC Comics Special 3” episode off just the trailer, it looks like the full episode come October 18th will be all sorts of spectacular.

[H/T Uproxx, Via Adult Swim]