The Trailer For ‘The Ring Vs The Grudge’ Is Here So Prepare For All Your Childhood Nightmares To Start Up Again

Right off the bat I’m going to warn you that the above trailer is not in English and does not have any subtitles, but do you really need any? The point of the video is to allude to the chick from The Ring, Samara (Sadako in the Japanese version), and the chick from The Grudge, Kayako, fighting each other. And while I’m more than happy to watch foreign films with the subtitles on let’s be honest here: you’re probably going to wait until the shitty American remake comes out. And don’t say it won’t be shitty – we’re being honest here, didn’t we agree – because it’ll probably be shitty.

But that’s okay! It’s not like we’ve come to expect any movie with the word “Vs” in the title to actually be decent. Alien Vs Predator? Entertaining, but shitty. Freddy Vs Jason? More entertaining and less shitty than AvP, but still shitty. And I’m not even going to mention Alien vs Predator: Requiem because that would waste both my time and yours.

The point is, go into the trailer with low expectations and you won’t be disappointed. Go into the actual MOVIE with low expectations and you…well you’ll probably still be disappointed, but not as much as you could’ve been. Or you could go shell out for a movie that doesn’t suck, but what fun would that be? I like my crappy movies just like how I like my men: unintelligent and with at least a glimpse of Christian Slater somewhere in the background.

[H/T Metro]